From the cap of your toothpaste tube to the milk carton on your breakfast table or the plastic bag that you buy your vegetables in, you will find that TSM has played a vital part in the manufacturing process. For almost 40 years TSM have supplied blending and control systems to the Plastics Industry that enable companies to achieve the level of precision that their production processes demand, operating within a spirit of trust, compliance and fairness that has become their hallmark. TSM is using Fusion Lifecycle to streamline their processes to reduce Manufacturing Cycle Time and accelerate the journey from Engineering to Market.

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  • TSM easily self-implemented Fusion Lifecycle to improve more than 20 processes:
    • New Product Introduction processes
    • Project management and resource tracking
    • Product documentation
    • Design quality for new and existing products
    • Standardization and definition of product options and variants
    • Quality Issue Management
    • Request For Quotes
    • Customer support management
    • Problem Reporting & Issue management
  • Integration to SAP immediately improved the user experience Arrow
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