• Product Data Management

    Keep everyone working from and collaborating around the same design data. Fusion Lifecycle PDM capabilities allows Engineering teams to organize, manage, share and track product data.

  • Manage CAD & Design Documents

    Managing design data is as easy and intuitive as saving files to folders.

    • Automatic revision control and versioning
    • Manage 2D & 3D CAD files: Fusion 360, Autodesk┬« Inventor, AutoCAD┬«, SolidWorks┬«
    • Other design documentation: Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, DOC, and more
  • Connect Engineering to the Enterprise

    Connect the design department with downstream processes.

    • Manage BOMs and ECOs
    • Central source of shared data
    • Understand the “who, what, and why” of change requests
  • View 2D & 3D Files

    Fusion improves collaboration and communication by making it easy for everyone to see and understand your designs.

    • Web-based viewing of models and drawings brings rich visualization right in a browser
    • Support for over 50 file formats, you can view, share, and review designs with your extended team and suppliers
  • Markup & Review Designs

    Fusion makes it easy to communicate and get feedback from your project stakeholders in real-time.

    • Upload any file and create a link to instantly share your 3D models or 2D drawings
    • Gather feedback in one centralized location from multiple reviewers instead of using email, spreadsheets, and meetings
  • Find Information Quickly

    Find the answers with a single search in Fusion Lifecycle.

    • Search, filter and find project information quickly across models, complex assemblies, bills of materials, and associated design documents
    • Cloud-based means your team has secure access to the data they need anytime, anywhere
    • Stop wasting time searching for data in emails, spreadsheets, and shared drives

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