• Bill of Materials Management

    Your Bill of Materials data is too important to leave open to errors. Fusion Lifecycle helps you manage, visualize, and share up-to-date BOM information across the organization in real-time.

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  • Item & Bill of Material (BOM) Management with Lifecycle Control

    Comprehensive information about component parts and assemblies is managed in a single, secure environment.

    • Enable stakeholders to quickly and easily find and understand items
    • Revision control ensures everyone is referencing the correct version
    • Reduce the risk of downstream errors and re-work.
  • Integrated component and product visualization

    Product stakeholders can view and manipulate 3D and 2D representations.

    • Improves understanding of products, assemblies and components outside of the Design department
    • Comments can be added by those stakeholders, enabling real-time collaboration
    • No need for additional costly CAD seats
  • Configurable, context-specific Bill of Materials views

    Multiple, configurable views of Bill of Materials structures can easily be defined.

    • Enables users to view BOMs in the right context, viewing only relevant information to them
    • Provides stakeholders across the organization with the real-time product information needed to make accurate decisions
  • Bill of Materials roll-up

    Attributes of component parts and sub-assemblies, such as weight or cost, can be rolled-up within a BOM.

    • Provides totals for a product, reducing the time otherwise spent manually calculating
    • Visibility of sub-totals of those attributes for each sub-assembly allows more in-depth analysis of a product
    • Roll-up capability is in real-time, so stakeholders can immediately assess the impact of any changes
  • Revision effectivity

    Components and sub-assemblies added to a BOM can be made effective from a specific date.

    • New versions of an existing part can be phased in on a future date for easier production planning
    • View a BOM configuration as active on a historic date offering an aspect of traceability
    • Determine exactly what was manufactured or delivered on a particular day
  • Bill of Materials Comparison

    Easily perform BOM comparisons on different revisions and configurations

    • Quickly identify what’s changed when releasing a new version of your product
    • The BOM compare features offers an easy-to-understand, graphical indication of differences
    • Meet compliance requirements by analyzing previous iterations and history of a product

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